Music Interventions Reduce Depression and Agitation in Dementia Patients

Music Interventions Depression Dementia

Written by Amedisys

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The simple sounds of music can bring moments of peace and reminiscence for those with cognitive decline. With an estimated 5.2 million Americans struggling with dementia, Amedisys recognizes the importance of evidence-based, non-pharmacological interventions. Our Deep Harbors End-Stage Dementia Program does just that. 

Comfort music focuses on using the benefits of music to decrease unsettled behaviors commonly seen in end-stage dementia and to reduce patients' reliance on prescription drugs as a solution. Music is used to improve sleep, stimulate memories, reduce social isolation and enhance cognitive functioning. 

The Amedisys Hospice team works with the patient's family to create individualized music compilations that are soothing, peaceful and meaningful to both the patient and the family. 

As Suzanne Hanser, PhD and Department Chair of music therapy at Berklee College of Music says,

"We see people who have not spoken in years begin to sing songs that they knew in their early teens and early adulthood." 

At Amedisys, we focus on the whole person - combining medical care and support for emotional and spiritual needs. To see if hospice care might be the answer for you or your loved one, take our assessment below. 

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