Thank an Occupational Therapist for Making Your Patients’ Lives Easier


Written by Carolyn Thornsberry

If you spend any amount of time online, chances are you have seen a “life hack” video. Merriam-Webster defines a life hack as a tip, trick or efficient method for doing or managing a day-to-day tasks or activities.

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You might have even tried some of these tips, like using your sunglasses for a cell-phone stand, hanging all of your tank tops on the same hanger or cutting a cake using dental floss. Some of these tips actually work and help to make your life easier.

Did you know there is a healthcare profession that specializes in making patients’ lives easier, just like a life hack? Since 1917, Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants have been adapting daily activities. OTs and OTAs are skilled in analyzing any activity a patient needs or wants to do and then providing expert instruction on how to make it work in a way that is achievable for the patient.

Occupational Therapy considers the physical, cognitive and psychosocial abilities of a patient and develops a tailored strategy to make them successful. This might include recommending a piece of adaptive equipment, changing the way a patient executes a task or adapting the environment to make a task easier. 

Anything from opening medication packaging to putting on socks with one hand to using the sense of touch to help with decreased vision, OT has our patients covered. Making someone’s life easier is Occupational Therapy’s calling and mission, and Amedisys is fortunate to have more than 1,100 of these talented clinicians on our team.

In April, we celebrate Occupational Therapy month and the creative OTs and OTAs who can take an impossible task and provide ways to ensure each patients’ successful. 

Next time you observe a patient having trouble with an activity, get the life hack experts involved—your patients will thank you for it.