13 Signs Your Cardiology Patients May Benefit from Home Health

Signs Cardiology Patients Need Home Health

Written by Amedisys


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Your cardiology patients may benefit from home healthcare if they:

  1. Have frequent exacerbations of their heart failure, atrial ¬fibrillation, high blood pressure, or angina, and require multiple medicines to manage their condition and prevent hospitalization.
  2. Have difficulty managing their cardiac medications, requiring frequent interventions and office visits.
  3. Have difficulty using their diuretics effectively and understanding how to take them properly.
  4. Have recently been prescribed oxygen and requires education and safety information.
  5. Are symptomatic with minimal activity, such as walking back to the exam room.
  6. Are habitual callers to your office with questions about their cardiac condition, medications or symptoms and could benefit from a skilled nurse to supplement education on medication management, assess the effectiveness of the medications, and make sure symptoms are being controlled.
  7. Are weakened from their cardiac condition, have difficulty with self-care and mobility, and could benefit from therapy to provide strengthening exercises and instruction on energy conservation.
  8. Need follow-up care, medication teaching, or management after hospitalization.
  9. Have difficulty monitoring their weight.
  10. Could benefit from frequent monitoring of anticoagulant therapy and/or have difficulty obtaining required monitoring due to homebound status.
  11. Have caregivers who have significant challenges managing the care of their loved one at home.
  12. Would benefit from developing or improving self-management skills to manage their cardiac condition.
  13. Could benefit from an action plan to help manage exacerbations before they become severe.

    Do you have a patient that meets these criteria? Refer them for home health care today. 
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