13 Signs Your Diabetic Patients May Benefit from Home Health

Signs Diabetic Patients Need Home Health

Written by Amedisys

Your diabetic patients may benefit from home healthcare if they:

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  1. Need follow-up care, medication teaching, or management for medication after hospitalization or a short-term skilled nursing facility stay for conditions such as diabetes, fl­uid and electrolyte imbalance.
  2. Have difficulty managing their diabetic medications, requiring frequent intervention and office visits.
  3. Would benefit from developing or improving self-management skills in managing their diabetes.
  4. Are at risk for hospitalization due to comorbid conditions or environmental factors.
  5. Have caregivers with significant challenges in managing the care of the patient at home.
  6. Could benefit from a skilled nurse who can supplement your office education with home instructions on medication administration and assess effectiveness to make sure symptoms are being controlled.
  7. Could benefit from drawing and monitoring of lab at home due to homebound status.
  8. Have difficultly managing their blood sugars to assist in preventing hospitalization.
  9. Have difficulty using diabetic medications effectively and understanding how to take them properly.
  10. Are habitual callers to your office with questions about their diabetic condition, medications or symptoms and could benefit from a skilled nurse to supplement education on medication management, assess effectiveness of the medications and make sure symptoms are being controlled.
  11. Are weakened from their condition and could benefit from a therapist teaching on fall prevention and home safety.
  12. Have difficulty monitoring their weight.
  13. Have a diabetic foot ulcer that requires wound care, assessment and instruction on caring for their wound.

Our highly skilled physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, nurses and social workers will work closely with you and your staff to develop a plan of care focused on meeting your patient’s medical, social and rehabilitative needs.

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